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The Voice Inside Me, by Elizabeth Ikiru
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menya / oca
menya / oca
menya / oca
menya / oca
Menya: an end of life story, by Morris Wolfe

Trade paper, 7.25 x 5”
132 pages, 4 illustrations
$24.95 Canada ($18.95 US)

ISBN: 0-9689737-2-8

A share of proceeds
will be donated to
Trinity Home Hospice

In April 1996, Menya Wolfe was diagnosed with a rare and virulent form of breast cancer that spread to her brain and involved numerous surgeries, chemotherapies and other treatments.

Four and a half years later, having exhausted every medical possibility, she reluctantly began palliative care — at home. A team of fifty family members, friends, volunteers and professionals rallied around to support her during her final months.

This book, drawing extensively on a journal kept by her care team, tells the bittersweet story of that time.

“The hospice movement which is sweeping Canada grew out of a certain knowledge that death may not be preventable, but it can be softened by acts of gentle kindness. It is not only the very sick person who is the recipient of the spiritual peace which intermittently accompanies skilled and generous palliative care. Care-givers find themselves deeply and forever changed...

“This book is about a tragic death, but in many ways it is a celebration of life.... Morris Wolfe keeps his suffering to himself, but it is writ plain between the lines of this moving tribute to his glorious, gifted daughter and all those who loved her.”

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“This is one of the best reports from the unreportable that I have ever read.”

“Tells the story of Menya’s death ... with lovely, unsentimental prose.”

“We live in a society that denies death, and Menya’s tale teaches us that when it comes, it is best to regard it with reverence and awe and all the love we can summon for the dying. They are, after all ... pathfinders for our own final journey.”

“Above all, it is a tribute not only to Menya but to the loyalty and seemingly bottomless levels of compassion that dwelt in the fifty or so caregivers who worked tirelessly to make her final weeks comfortable.”

“You told the story of Menya and her caregivers with beauty, tenderness and dignity.”

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Morris Wolfe is a writer and editor. He taught part-time at the Ontario College of Art & Design between 1971 and 2001.

Wolfe has written, edited and co-edited eleven books, including A Saturday Night Scrapbook; Aurora: New Canadian Writing; Signing On: The Birth of Radio in Canada; Jolts; and OCA 1967-1972: Five Turbulent Years, which was also published by grubstreet books.

His essays, articles, reviews and columns have appeared in numerous Canadian magazines and newspapers. In 1994 he won a Canadian Association of Journalists award for investigative journalism.

An on-line collection of Morris Wolfe’s essays, including previously unpublished pieces, has been released on the grubstreet books web site,

Essays, New & Selected, by Morris Wolfe

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